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Play, Discover and Learn

In 2015, the NSTMF launched an online lab (lab.nstmf.org), which provides an interactive, science-oriented experience for anyone with internet access. The lab currently has three modules where visitors can explore the dynamic environments of gravity, sound, and image processing

The Lab’s goal is provide an opportunity where play can lead to discovery. Each module encourages users to peel back layers of the experience and interact with specific scientific principles. We believe that this Lab can provide tangible educational benefit in the classroom by allowing students to absorb scientific concepts in an engaging way. Additionally students will learn about the NMS and NMTI Laureates who pioneered the scientific and technological concepts behind the modules.

Click here to have some fun!

The NSTMF plans to expand the lab with more engaging online models. Interested in working with us or funding our next module?

Please email andy@nationalmedals.org.